Water - it's more important than oil so how come most of us care so little about it? At MEA, we care, and we have some products which will help you understand it.

Thermistor Strings

Thermistor StringsOur weather products include rain gauges to measure rainfall and Class A Pans to measure evaporation rates. In this section you will find details of instruments we use to measure water flows and water profiles. MEA has built hundreds of systems which measure the properties of water; in dams, in reservoirs, in oceans, in creeks, in irrigation channels, in pipes. So many options we can't include them all on this website so call us if you have any measurement needs.

In the meantime, here are two unique products.

Unravelling the Layers with Thermistor Strings

Whether you are working in limnology, oceanography or monitoring the water quality in dams and reservoirs, the accurate measurement of thermal stratification is surely of great interest to you.

MEA Thermistor Strings provide a simple and precise way of making continuous measurements of the temperature layers within your body of water, without the usual tangle of dozens of individual thermistor temperature sensors.

MEA's Thermistor Strings can be deployed in dams, lakes, reservoirs and oceans and have already forged their way into the Great Barrier Reef, River Murray and major reservoirs in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Simplicity at its Best

Each MEA Thermistor String is made to order. You decide on the number of sensors and the depth at which they are to hang. Any combination of up to 30 sensors on a 100 metre cable is possible, and several strings with a maximum of 62 sensors can be plugged into one data logger.

The environmental industry standard SDI-12 sensor data bus is utilised in the Thermistor Strings which means that regardless of the number of sensors on the string, there are only three wires to connect to the logger. As a result, deployment and every subsequent redeployment of your Thermistor String is simple and convenient and only takes a matter of seconds.

Recalibration can be done onsite and fault finding is also a breeze. The SDI-12 protocol quickly allows you to identify any of the many sensors on the string that is not responding.

Superior Accuracy

Even if your water body has weak thermoclines, we have it covered. The Thermistor Sting sensors are accurate to better than ± 0.02°C and the inter-sensor matching is an impressive ±0.006°C, with sensor resolution of 0.001°C. Beat that!

What Floats your Boat?

Thermistor StringsWondering how on earth you're going to get your Thermistor String out into the middle of your water body? Why not use MEA's complete bouy-mounted stratification measurement systems. It happily floats in reservoirs, lakes or at sea.

The Thermistor String is suspended from the bottom of a Sealite SLB1250 bouy, with the data logger and communication equipment conveniently tucked inside it, well protected from the elements. A pair of solar panels maintains the battery charge and your data can be viewed at your desk or from the internet.

Want the Whole Picture?

If you want to gather information on other parameters that can affect water quality, your stratification measurement systems can readily be expanded to include sensors which measure solar radiation, net radiation, heat flux, dissolved oxygen and various climate parameters (such as wind speed and direction).

Click here to Download a Thermistor String Brochure

Want to Know More About the Development of MEA's Thermistor Strings?

In "Life Beneath the Waves", Dr Andrew Skinner recounts the story of the development of MEA's precision Thermistor Strings.

Click here to Download "Life Beneath the Waves"

Water Flows

Thermistor StringsIf you're in the business of measuring moving water then the Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler instrument is for you. This neat piece of equipment measures velocity and depth of water in rivers and streams, open drainage channels and even large pipes.

Conveniently for you, it can handle both forward and reverse flow conditions. Water quality is not an issue; the Starflow can be used in a wide range of water types from to clean streams and potable water to waste water and even sea water.

If you want the data on your desktop or on the internet, then the system can be upgraded to have a communications module.

Click here to Download a Starflow Instrument Brochure

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