Putting Your Farm's Data in the Palm of Your Hand!

When you want it, wherever you want it!

Plexus is the on farm measurement system that you have been waiting for.

Plexus seamlessly delivers data from across your property into the cloud. Your data, in your hand, at the press of a button, all you need is a device connected to the internet.

What can you measure?
     - soil moisture tension
     - soil moisture content
     - soil temperature
     - soil EC
     - Rainfall

And introducing our latest addition:

Air temperature and relative humidity

(either in-canopy or out in the open)


What's more, if you already have a Green Brain account, you can add any number of alerts, to be alerted in real-time to anything that you need to know about straight away. 

Worried about Frost? Don't camp out in your car, just turn your phone up loud. Green Brain will SMS you when temperatures reach whatever threshold you want to set. 

Managing a lot of irrigation blocks? Just set a threshold for soil moisture, and you'll be alerted as soon as the soil dries to that level and it's time to irrigate! 

And it's all included in your existing Green Brain subscription!


The beauty of Plexus!

It doesn't matter if you have a small flat place or a huge hilly one, Plexus' unique hopping radio can cover it. 

Plexus is low maintenance and fully solar powered, so once installed you can walk away and forget about it.

Plexus Hub and Field Station

Field Stations (the bit your sensors talk to) work collaboratively. So if one goes down for any reason (low battery, is harvested or attacked by a terradactyl) no other units are affected. The neighbours will simply find a new path to get their data to the Hub.

Plexus means no long cable runs, low ongoing costs (only one point of telemetry), and YOU OWN the data! 

Want to see for yourself? We have demo data on 

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