Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil Moisture Monitoring connects the dots between your soil conditions
and your bottom line

  • Your data in your hand whenever you want it
    Plexus seamlessly sends all your soil moisture data into the cloud.
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When you work the land for a living you develop an instinct for growing things - a 'green thumb'. But no matter how good your instinct, there's always guess work involved.

Our range of clever soil moisture and climate monitoring systems are all about replacing that guess work with certainty. Once you know exactly what's going on in your soil, you can optimise growing conditions and maximise your profit.

  • 1. Visual

    Simple & Cheap

    • No data logging
    • No complicated software
  • 2. In the office

    Flexible data logging option

    • Soil moisture profile over time
    • Mix and match what you'd like to see, soil moisture and climate data
    • Download your data from the comfort of your office
  • 3. Data straight to you

    Bells & Whistles

    • Soil moisture profile over time
    • Simple but sophisticated software
    • In your hand when you want it

Why upgrade your green thumb to a green brain?

A green brain will easily be able to:green brain
  1. Avoid water stressing your plants at their critical growth stages, and they will reward you with:
    Greater growth
    Increased crop yields (both in size and number)
    A superior quality crop
  2. Avoid over watering your crop and reap the benefits of:
    Minimising water logging and associated problems
    Reduced leaching, keeping more nutrients and fertilisers in the rootzone where the plant can use them
    Significantly reducing operational costs and water wastage
  3. Manage salinity in your soil
  4. Introduce beneficial Deficit Irrigation practices to enhance your crop

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