MEA is first and foremost an instrumentation specialist and our expertise lies in understanding measurement principles.

MEA has supplied many hundreds of wind measurement systems to public and private wind energy generators for wind prospecting and site calibration.

For each project we design, manufacture and supply the wind measurement and recording equipment.  We can also provide project management services to source and install masts, commission instrumentation and provide data analysis services.

Wind instrumentation and data delivery

MEA designs each measurement system to suit your project.  Most commonly, our systems draw on the following instrument sets.

  • WindSensor P2546-OPR Cup Anemometer with IEC compliant classification and MEASNET calibration.
  • Vector W200P wind vane.
  • Vaisala PTB110A barometric pressure sensor.
  • Rotronics HC2 air temperature and humidity sensor located inside a sensor shelter.

Other instruments such as rain gauges or ultrasonic wind, both 2D and 3D, can be supplied.

Our systems are designed for long term unattended use.  Sensors and their installation will be in accordance.

Mounting booms on which the wind sensors are installed, and the installation of those booms is consistent with the IEC 61400-12-1 standard.

Sensor cabling terminates into junction boxes at each sensor level which simplifies sensor maintenance.  Toughened cable which is impervious to the most determined wildlife extends from each junction box to the data logger mounted near the base of the mast.

Sensors connect through a lightning surge protectorto the MEA Wind Logger located inside a lockable, stainless steel enclosure. Data is downloaded remotely via a NextG modem or pushed automatically at regular intervals to a secure ftp address.

Masts and towers

MEA is not a mast manufacturer but can sub-contract the supply and installation of tilt masts to 60 metres and lattice masts to 100 metres.

Our rigging contractors also provide on-going maintenance support.

Service and support

The companies that survive in this competitive world are those that can be relied upon to provide good advice, deliver robust equipment and provide peerless after sales support. 

Every MEA measurement system is fully built and thoroughly tested before it is shipped to site.  All components used in our systems are robust and designed for extended periods of remote monitoring.  Individual components and the system as a whole are warranted against manufacturing defect for 12 months from date of installation.

Each wind system will have a complete set of documentation covering installation, wiring diagrams, software and maintenance.

All wind measurement systems deployed by MEA carry a unique reference number which is the key to securing MEA support.  Every single detail of every single mast is retained at MEA and a phone call to Tracey, our Operations Manager, will guarantee you MEA support, long after any warranty period has elapsed.

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