When undertaking a solar energy assessment, the appropriate instrumentation will depend on the type of generation system.

For photovoltaic arrays, the energy generated is a direct function of global solar radiation.  This can be readily measured using a high quality pyranometer.

For a photovoltaic concentrator or solar thermal system, the essential measurement is direct normal incidence radiation (DNI).  A solar tracker is fitted with a pyrheliometer for measuring DNI, a pyranometer and shading disk for measuring diffuse radiation and an unshaded pyranometer to measure global radiation.

MEA supplies both types of system using high quality sensors connected to an MEA ProMAX data logger. The pyrheliometer and pyranometers are manufactured by Hukseflux , a leading global manufacturer of solar radiation sensors.

Panel soiling and efficiency assessments can be undertaken by measuring cell temperature and current along with solar radiation measurements.  MEA designs the mounting frames which hold the solar panels in place as well as the measurement and data recording equipment.

The companies that survive in this competitive world are those that can be relied upon to provide good advice, deliver robust equipment and provide peerless after sales support.

Every MEA measurement system is fully built and thoroughly tested before it is shipped to site.  All components used in our systems are robust and designed for extended periods of remote monitoring.  Individual components and the system as a whole are warranted against manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of installation.

Each system is provided with a complete set of documentation covering installation, wiring diagrams, software and maintenance.

All measurement systems deployed by MEA carry a unique reference number which is the key to securing MEA support.  Every single detail of every project is retained at MEA and a phone call to Tracey, our Operations Manager, will guarantee you MEA support, long after any warranty period has elapsed.

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