Yorke Peninsula Field Days

27 to 29th September – Yorke Peninsula Field Days

Abandoned by her trusty sidekick Sonja (who decided to swan around the Northern hemisphere for awhile under the guise of work) Tanya again heads up the marketing team at YP Field Days.

Drop in and see if you can find Tanya on the massive site she has been allocated and check out our automatic weather stations and soil moisture monitoring equipment dedicated to dryland agriculture. We've a great new 'Hands on' EnviroPro Probe which not only demonstrates the responsiveness of the probe but will give you a reading of how hot, wet and sweaty your hands are!

When you stop by, chances are you'll meet more than one of Tanya's family members, hailing from Cummins they all decided YP would be a great opportunity for a reunion! This also guarantees, that there will be some delicious treats for eating too!

A no brainer really!


You've missed this one too!!!

But never fear, if you want to know more, there is plenty of useful information on our website:

Soil moisture probes - http://www.mea.com.au/soil-moisture-monitoring

Weather stations - http://www.mea.com.au/whatever-the-weather