Weather Stations in the Snow

MEA weather stations - serving climate data to farmers - now number in their hundreds and stretch across the breadth of Australia, although their numbers get a bit scarce above the snow line where the crops don't grow.

That all changed when Snowy Hydro Limited ordered up a couple of top-quality MEA weather stations for use in the Kosciusko National Park in Australia's 'high country'.

These solar-powered and telemetred stations needed to be capable of measuring the depth of the snowpack, wind speed and direction, net and global solar radiation and accurate air temperature and relative humidity measurements via aspirated psychrometers.

 Each weather station also needed to conform to National Park guidelines for shape and color (white) while being ‘chopper-ready’ for their transport to site, with rapid assembly far from the land of cranes and ladders.


Snow Height Sensor
Ultrasonic snow height sensor


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