Wandin Silvan Field Days

14 to 15th October - Wandin Silvan Fields Days

We’re working Mr Tim Brown rather hard this month. Elmore Field Days are barely done and dusted before he’s back re-packing the trailer and hitting the road again.

This time it’s the lucky south east of Victoria that is graced by his presence. If you’re going to the Wandin Silvan Field Days you just have to pencil a visit and chat with Tim into your schedule.

He’s a fabulous guy and really knowledgeable, not just about MEA soil moisture monitoring equipment and weather stations but also in the world of agronomy. A very handy and informative combination that could spur on your green brain and end up saving you big $buck$!

So why not invest a little bit of time to see how he can help you?!?

You've missed it!!!

Hopefully you caught up with the fabulous Tim but if you want to know more, there is plenty of useful information on our website:

Soil moisture meters- http://www.mea.com.au/soil-moisture-monitoring

Weather stations - http://www.mea.com.au/whatever-the-weather