The Newest Green Brain Features...


Those of you who regularly log into Green Brain to view your soil moisture data may have noticed a new spanner icon appear recently on the user account details page.

If you did notice this, and were brave enough to click it and explore, you will be privy to the whole new level of flexibility that Green Brain now offers.

For those not brave enough to push the button, the spanner icon links you to new capability in Green Brain that allows you to manage your system from the palm of your hand.

Once you’re inside the “manage” mode, you can change the names of your monitoring sites, drag icons to their exact position or move them to new locations as you rearrange your Field Stations. You can even change the order of the stations on the left hand side menu to bring those you check most often within easy reach of your thumb.

With this latest change, you will now have the flexibility to adjust a Plexus system in Green Brain to reflect the actual lay of the land. But we aren’t planning on stopping any time soon. You may also notice another speed increase as we continue to make the user experience and data transfer more streamlined, more efficient and more powerful.

And stay tuned, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to enable Green Brain to be much smarter. There will be even more to see and do on Green Brain soon…

Green Brain Manage Mode
The new Manage feature in Green Brain.


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