The GDot: Still Simple, Cheap and Effective.


In 2008 we launched the GDot, a disarmingly simple soil moisture display. We have sold thousands since its release but what has been interesting is the sudden interest in the GDot from international markets. GDots are now scattered around the farms of UK, Europe and North America.

We understand their popularity. They are often compared to tensiometers but GDots are maintenance free other than a battery replacement every year or two. They don’t break, they don’t need recharging, you can’t accidentally knock them as you walk past, and you can easily see the bright red base and yellow dots.

Farmers with crops which have more extensive root zones deploy two GDots, one placed immediately above the other. It is a simple way to understand the soil moisture profile but maybe we need to provide a GDot with two sensors..

GDots have their limitations. You can monitor moisture conditions only as often as you visit the site so you can’t determine how quickly moisture is being removed. To capture that picture you need to move to our Plexus product.

You can grab a GDot from our local suppliers or from our offices in Adelaide or Toowoomba. They’re still only AUD$290 plus tax.

The GDot in an Apple Orchard


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