The 6th Australian Wine Industry Environment Conference & Exhibition

19 to 20th October – The 6th Australian Wine Industry Environment Conference & Exhibition

It’s time to get out of the paddocks and delve into the think tanks.

Tanya has hung up the boots, dusted off the trousers and is heading off the Adelaide Event & Exhibition Centre to hear about the latest insights into the wine industries future.

With a strong focus on the environment, it’s the perfect place for us to appear. MEA soil moisture monitoring equipment and Automatic Weather Stations  are the perfect tools for you if you are serious about wanting to achieve sustainability and responsible environmental management. 

Whether you are facing reducing water availability; actively seeking to improve efficiency; managing waste water or wanting to optimise nitrogen application, MEA can help you.

Drop in to see Tanya at the trade exhibition, let her know what you are trying to do and she’ll be happy to show you best options available to you. Achieving your environmental goals is easier than you think!


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