Weather & Climate

Every where you go, take your weather with you... On Green Brain

View your weather station data on Green Brain, so you can take your weather with you. Wherever you go. 

Junior weather station - View your data on Green Brain!

Want Frost Alerts? Get Frost Alerts!

Stay tucked up in bed on cold mornings - Plexus and Green Brain can now alert you of a frost event, so you don't need to head out unneccessarily.

A cold, frosty vineyard...

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity: On Plexus!

Open up a world of possibilities with a humble air temperature and relative humidity sensor. 

The latest addition to Plexus - Air temperature and relative humidity

Rain Gauge Launch Offer

In recent times, many of our Plexus customers let us know that they would love to have rainfall automatically added to Green Brain, and so we listened.

Plexus Rain Gauge Launch Offer

Rainfall - anytime, anywhere

Green Brain can now give you rainfall records anywhere, anytime!


Weather Stations in the Snow

MEA weather stations stretch across the breadth of Australia. Now they've made it into the mountains too.

Snow Height Sensor

'Premium' Weather Stations

In the modern world, every darn thing gets tagged with superlatives, no matter how mediocre its genesis. So is a ‘premium’ MEA weather station really anything out of the ordinary?

MEA Premium Weather Station

Evap Pans - the good old way

Old ways sometimes die hard. Is the MEA automated evap pan the best way to measure evapotranspiration?

MEA Automated Evaporation Pan

Fun Below the Waves

Measurement engineers get to poke about in everyone else’s branch of science, and so wind up knowing a little about a lot.

A buoy supporting an MEA Thermistor String

Frost in Grain Crops and the MEA 'why'

The nearest I can get to farmers is to be the bloke who builds their measurement tools.

Frost in grain crops

'Firesticks' and forest fuel

The recent fires across southern Australia were a brutal reminder of the danger posed by bushfires. How are those charged with managing our bushlands monitoring the risk?

Firestick Weather Station in Victoria

Climate monitoring across the nullarbor plains

Take a journey on the Indian-Pacific as we look at ARTC's new weather station network.

Weather Station at Barton

Hot Cows

Feedlot managers need to manage heat stress in their cattle. It's no good for the animals, and it's no good for the feedlot. Read on to find out more about our solution.

Feedlot Weather Station at Gunnee in New South Wales


Every year, for the last few decades, MEA has fielded a bunch of frantic phone calls from growers looking for ‘frost alarms’ through that narrow period between ‘bud-burst’ in early September through to the cessation of cold overnight temperatures that can kill off delicate buds and wreck the potential harvest.

Plexus temperature profile at Nuriootpa

Plexus GBT

Plexus now measures temperature!

Living Walls for a Greener City

Plants growing up a building. Have we all gone mad?

DAFWA Weather Station Network

Weather watching in Western Australia just got a whole lot easier thanks to a 40 new weather stations that landed in July!

The Ancient and the Modern

MEA's latest Weather Station network hits the dirt and leaves the mobile phone network behind. Read on to find out where they went and how they get the observations out.

A Snail's Tale

A slow, slightly shocking meandering path!

One of the great things that I love about going to field days and expos is the random trivia that I collect whilst there.

MEA Weather Stations for Iraqi Farmers and Alpine Skiers

Since MEA built its first crude weather station 25 years ago for scientific research on the Chowilla Flood Plains in South Australia, we’ve lost track of where all the descendents of that original ‘ancestor’ weather station have wound up. There are literally hundreds of the little blighters out there and many of them have been banging away for over a decade. (We know this because they are occasionally returned to us to have the spiders removed from their comfortable homes in the sensor shelters!).