The Heart and soul of MEA

It's Official: MEA has South Australia's Top Professional Engineer

The 2015 Professional Engineer of the Year was deservedly awarded to Andrew Skinner, MEA’s Engineering Director.

SA's Engineer of the Year 2015

What Our Customers are Saying...

Queensland Cane grower Con Christofides talks about his experience with MEA's GDot Soil Moisture Display.

Con Christofides

Christmas Closure Dates

MEA are closed from Monday 21st December, and officially reopen our doors on Monday the 4th January, 2016.

Christmas Closing 2015

Green Avocados (and Brains!)

Tom Redfern shares his experience of using Green Brain to help manage irrigation on his avocado farms.

Tom Redfern

The MEA Museum

No matter how modern MEA technology becomes, understanding its essence allows a design engineer like me to wield it in new ways, to the benefit of those folk still out in the bush and needing measurements.

The Skinner Museum

Mitchell Agronomy's new face

MEA's best agents are self-made individuals.

Jeff Mitchell installing a Plexus tall mast

Running on the smell of an oily electron

What stimulates a pint-sized engineer's interest in elegant solutions that do much with little?

John Skinner at his workshop door


Aussie farmers do it tough, but some farmers do it even tougher. What happens when you have to boil a design down to its bare bones to fit an African budget?


The Chasm Between Science and Engineering

Professor GÓ§ran Roos stated that “Science is the business of turning money into knowledge. Engineering is the business of turning that knowledge back into money”. Read on to discover the challenges involved in bridging the gap between science and engineering.

The clever country?

MEA keeps growing!

On the 20th May, we welcomed Debbie into the MEA family.

Toodle-oo Tanya

For fourteen years and a few lucky extra months, MEA has been blessed with the loving presence of Tanya Liddell, the girl from Cummins in the middle of the wheat belt on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. We loved her, she loved us, but best of all, our customers loved her too, because she was really great at making all those folk outside MEA feel loved as well.

MEA Turns 30!

It’s now thirty years since MEA was founded in 1984.

Instead of a mature business on our hands, Joe and I find ourselves with a ‘start-up’ instead.

How did this happen?

MEA office opens in Queensland!

MEA goes National and opens our first office outside of South Australia!

News from the Coal Face

So I’m standing there, when some fella comes up to me and sticks his head into my space to demand (somewhat aggressively) how he could possibly know that MEA gear was any better than anybody else’s?

Caught on the back foot, with no patter to hand, I gave the first answer that came into my head: ‘Thirty years at the coal face!’


Reflections on the impact of a great man and a dear MEA friend!

A Snail's Tale

A slow, slightly shocking meandering path!

One of the great things that I love about going to field days and expos is the random trivia that I collect whilst there.

Reflections of a Wind Energy Pioneer

Sometimes I forget how long I’ve been carrying this dream of a renewable energy future…