Soil Moisture

The GDot: Still Simple, Cheap and Effective.

The GDot changed the soil moisture monitoring market. It was cheap, simple, visual and easy to use. And now it's more popular than ever. 

GDot in Veggies

What soil moisture sensor is right for you?

The choice of soil moisture monitoring sensors compatible with Plexus is still growing. That gives you more chances of getting the right sensor for you and your crop.

Acclima Soil Moisture Sensor - Installing and re-installing soil moisture sensors has never been so easy!

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity: On Plexus!

Open up a world of possibilities with a humble air temperature and relative humidity sensor. 

The latest addition to Plexus - Air temperature and relative humidity

How many irrigators monitor soil moisture?

This logbook is different to most. We don’t have any stories about the antics of MEA staff and our agent network. Nothing about new sensors, new MEA records broken, or a new Green Brain feature (although, we have done a few of all of those things).

In this logbook, we’d like your input.

Water Drops in Soil

Edinburgh Gardens

Plexus helps maintain the soil moisture beneath Edinburgh Gardens' historic Elm trees.

Plexus in Edinburgh Gardens

GDot Recall

Reliability in soil moisture monitoring products is fundamental to creating certainty in the information they deliver.

GDot PR7 Recall

Plexus pluripotentii

We are happy to announce that Plexus is now compatible with most of the modern major brands of soil moisture profile probes!

Plexus using Senteks's Drill 'n Drop Probe

Rain Gauge Launch Offer

In recent times, many of our Plexus customers let us know that they would love to have rainfall automatically added to Green Brain, and so we listened.

Plexus Rain Gauge Launch Offer

'Plug-and-Play' Plexus

Sometimes extraordinary effort is required to make apparently small incremental changes to a product, such as MEA’s Plexus.

Jeff's Truck

Green Avocados (and Brains!)

Tom Redfern shares his experience of using Green Brain to help manage irrigation on his avocado farms.

Tom Redfern

Full Stop to FullStops

Hard-working farmers have less time to manually read soil moisture devices, so we have been sorting out which sensors we stock and which ones no longer serve our markets.


Stumpy and Springy - a Plexus Mount for Veggie Crops

Ground-hugging crops like strawberries and vegetables demand something different from their Plexus mounts; some method of getting that pesky field station out of the way of overhead machinery.

A Plexus mount for veggie crops

Plexus meets the Solanaceae family

Plexus gets down among the rows with the 'pasta sauce' vegetable family.

Plexus in tomatoes in Queensland

Somebody else's weather

In a changing climate hard-won experience needs to be assisted by the latest monitoring tools.

Somebody else's weather?

Bang! - one dead Plexus...

What happens when you apply several hundred million volts to a Plexus Field Station?

Lightining-damaged Plexus Field Station

Just Shake and Use!

What do the polders of Bangladesh, the shrimp farms of Vietnam, the rice paddies of the Philippines and the village wells of Indonesia all have in common with Australian irrigators?

Salt Sticks

Don't Frighten the Horses

Our Plexus radio units are designed to be highly visible. In most situations this is an asset, but not around easily-startled horses. So the Melbourne Racing Club decreed that if a Plexus network was to be installed at Caulfield Racecourse, it had better be discreet.

Plexus Field Station at Caulfield Racecourse

A Very Corny Plexus Story

If grapevines and olive plantations share common dangers for Plexus radio systems operating within row crops, farmers under centre pivots face a different dilemma; how to get radio signals out from under the pivot arm?

Corn cob


Every year, for the last few decades, MEA has fielded a bunch of frantic phone calls from growers looking for ‘frost alarms’ through that narrow period between ‘bud-burst’ in early September through to the cessation of cold overnight temperatures that can kill off delicate buds and wreck the potential harvest.

Plexus temperature profile at Nuriootpa

The 'Springy Bracket' Fable

While the whiz-kids on the Plexus development team were sitting in air-conditioned comfort discussing packet structures and the Fresnel zone equations, Jack – MEA’s mechanical engineer – was sweating it out over in the MEA workshop hammering and straining, bending and cutting, welding and grinding bits of metal into scrap at a goodly rate.


GDots are Now Even Better

We've sold thousands of GDots over the last six years. Now we've made this excellent value-for-money product just a little better.

GDot soil moisture display

Almond Orchards (Plexus Field Trials on a Heroic Scale)

Without the harsh light of reality, engineers trying to develop products for farmers can never get it right; something unexpected always jumps up and bites unproven gear in the bum under field conditions.

Plexus Tall Crop Mounting Solution

The Calibrated Milk Truck

How do farmers really use MEA gear?

This humbling tale from the bush taught us that we actually haven't go a clue...

Dotty Churn

Green Brain Demo Site

Green Brain is the web application that our Plexus customers use to view soil moisture and temperature data. Viewable on any internet-connected computer and a wide range of smart devices, Green Brain is feature-packed while being simple to use. Read the story to find out how to access our demo site.

MEA's Green Brain

Plexus GBT

Plexus now measures temperature!

Oxford Landing

How do you test something as big as a radio network?

The short answer is that you find a ‘test bunny’ – a company with a ‘can-do’ approach to trying out new things and able to live with all the inconvenience and uncertainty of having engineers fiddling about all over their property.

A GDot - The perfect Aussie souvenir!

Three of our GDots have departed the Southern Hemisphere and are now out there taking on the world!

Soil Moisture Probes: Finding the right one for your crop!

Monitoring your soil moisture is extremely beneficial to your farming practise but where do you start? There are so many types of soil moisture sensors on the market, which one is right for your crop?

Here are a few tips and pointers to get you started.

Soil Moisture Monitoring. Tensiometers – Bah!

There has to be a better way!!! Of course there is....

Tensiometers are inexpensive, simple to use and are great tools for helping with irrigation scheduling. BUT if you’ve ever used one, you know that to get the best from it, your tensiometer needs regular attention.