Green Brain

Want Frost Alerts? Get Frost Alerts!

Stay tucked up in bed on cold mornings - Plexus and Green Brain can now alert you of a frost event, so you don't need to head out unneccessarily.

A cold, frosty vineyard...

The Newest Green Brain Features...

Those of you who regularly log into Green Brain to view your soil moisture data may have noticed a new spanner icon appear recently on the user account details page.

Green Brain Manage Mode

Speedier Green Braining

Green Brain now thinks almost as fast as you do.

Faster Green Brain

Green Brain Demo Site

Green Brain is the web application that our Plexus customers use to view soil moisture and temperature data. Viewable on any internet-connected computer and a wide range of smart devices, Green Brain is feature-packed while being simple to use. Read the story to find out how to access our demo site.

MEA's Green Brain