National Olive Industry Conference and Trade Exhibition

25 to 26th October – National Olive Industry Conference and Trade Exhibition

You've missed it!!!

But never fear, if you want to know more, there is plenty of useful information on our website:

Soil moisture monitoring -

Weather stations -

Good old Tim Brown is at it again! Barely back from trekking around half of Victoria he has packed up his trailer yet again and headed off to Wangaratta to mingle with Australia's finest Olive growers!

Drop in and say hello, grab your soil moisture monitoring brochures and make the move to upgrading your green thumb to a green brain. Your olive grove will thank you for it!

Getting the water wrong will cost you!!!

Not enough water at critical growth stages and you could be facing:

- Incomplete flowering & poor fruit set
- Increased alternate bearing
- Reduced fruit size and reduced oil content

But don't pile the water on because olives are particularly sensitive to waterlogging.
Too much water:

- Encourages root rot
- Reduces fruit yield
- Results in poor growth

Worried?!?! Don't be - Just make sure you talk to Tim!