Soil Moisture Monitoring. Tensiometers – Bah!

There has to be a better way!!!

Tensiometers are inexpensive, simple to use and are great tools for helping with irrigation scheduling. BUT if you’ve ever used one, you know that to get the best from it, your tensiometer needs regular attention.

You have to keep it topped up, regularly kill off the algae and clean the thing. Annoying? Hell Yes! AND it takes time that you just don’t have!!!

Are you also sick of rummaging through your crop to read the thing? Tired of having workers knocking, damaging it or just pulling it out to have a look?

What if you could have the simplicity of the tensiometer with none of the hassle, would you jump on it? Oh course you would!!!

Grab yourself a GDot and you’ll say goodbye to the troublesome tensiometers FOREVER! It’s maintenance free (just change the batteries after 2 years) and has high visibility bright yellow dots indicating kPa. A single glance is all you need to tell you if you plants need a drink.

Where do they work? Well…better to ask where do they not work??!?!

GDots have found their way into veggie and berry patches, orchards, vineyards, cereal and pastures and turf all over Australia. A number have journeyed to the far flung corners of the globe - South Africa, Angola, Spain, Italy, Korea, USA and Germany. Check out the happy snaps!  

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