Riverland Field Days 2011

14 to 15th September – Riverland Field Days

It's that time of year again when the Riverland flocks out to the Barmera to soak up the sun and explore the wares on display at the fantastic Field Days.

Now in her 10th year at MEA, trusty Tanya will be making the pilgrimage from Adelaide to woman our stand. Drop in and see her for the details of our newly released Junior weather station and our usual complement of soil moisture gear. Don’t forget about asking to upgrade to a Green Brain and then spin her a good old yarn and if it's good enough, it may just earn you one of her infamous hugs!


Going, going, GONE!!!

No worries, if you want to know more about soil moisture monitoring, there is plenty of useful information on our website:

Soil moisture probes- http://www.mea.com.au/soil-moisture-monitoring

Weather stations - http://www.mea.com.au/whatever-the-weather