Rain Gauge Launch Offer


In recent times, many of our Plexus customers let us know that they would love to have rainfall automatically added to Green Brain, and so we listened. In September 2015, the first rain gauges that plugged directly into Plexus were shipped. Local rainfall data has been uploading automatically onto Green Brain at these sites (including at our demo site) ever since.

These rain gauges can connect to a spare port on any field station that is measuring EnviroPro sensors; we may just need to update the firmware in order for it to do so. If your Plexus system reads gypsum blocks, then you too can have rainfall directly into your Green Brain, but you’ll need an additional field station that communicates with it.

To celebrate the launch of this latest Plexus upgrade, we introduced a special discount of $150 off the price of any field station connected to a rain gauge if you purchase this before the 31st of December 2015.

The take up of rain gauges has been fantastic. They are already dotted around the country, in grapevines, almonds, racecourses, under pivots and even in a research trial of drought tolerance in Canola. This last one uses two rain gauges connected to a single field station, in order to compare the total rainfall amount on control and drought treatments.

Plexus Rain Gauge Launch Offer
Plexus now has its own rain gauge!


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