'Premium' Weather Stations


In the modern world, every darn thing gets tagged with superlatives, no matter how mediocre its genesis.

So is a ‘premium’ MEA weather station really anything out of the ordinary?

If the price tag is anything to go by, it had better be!

For agricultural climate measurements, the MEA ‘Junior’ weather station is a much more palatably-priced package, though those same measurements are not in the least compromised.

Rather, our Premium weather station has been constructed to the very highest standards, known in the vernacular as ‘built like a brick sh*t-house’. From the sturdy tripod mast to the top-of-the-line rain gauge, this is a station that is looking at a decade of service, at the least.

Then there is the sensor shelter.

By comparison to the natty little plastic jobbies found on competitive weather stations, this one is big and bulky and expensive.

It has internal insulators to prevent radiated heat from the upper surfaces penetrating into the measurement cavity, spun aluminium louvers with low thermal mass, absorbent black undersides to capture re-radiated ground radiation, glossy-white outer surfaces to reflect direct and backscattered solar radiation, and an internal chimney structure that vents the interior while channelling rainfall away from the sensor inside. Natural air flow through the shelter is vastly better than through smaller screens; that’s the advantage of its size.

The down side of all this superiority is the sheer complexity and number of stages needed to produce these sensor shelters.

Use them when only the best will do!

MEA Premium Weather Station
An MEA Premium Weather Station.


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