'Plug-and-Play' Plexus


Sometimes extraordinary effort is required to make apparently small incremental changes to a product, such as MEA’s Plexus.

Whatever the term ‘plug-and-play’ means in modern parlance, it probably doesn’t include hauling out a laptop computer and firing it up on the tailgate of a ute during Plexus installations to re-boot the Hub’s time and date, lost in transit.

So we found a way to get the Hub to wake up on-site and immediately ask Green Brain for its time zone, date and local time, sweeping away all that complexity for our field guys.

Now they can set up Plexus systems in the peace and quiet of their offices, tape on their exterior magnets to put them to sleep for the journey, then local folk can simply rip those same magnets off to awaken an entire Plexus network.

Not a computer in sight, on site.

Perhaps we should call it ‘un-plug and play’?

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In-field setup of Plexus is now easier


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