Plexus pluripotentii


When we launched Plexus a few years back, it could read gypsum blocks and EnviroPro soil moisture probes. Later, we added the capacity to read soil temperature, and recently, rainfall too. That is all great for anyone wanting to install a new system to monitor their soil moisture and manage their irrigation scheduling accordingly.

But for everyone that has already invested in other soil moisture technologies, the cost of starting anew to get the latest technology can be a significant barrier. So we have continued the upgrading and testing process, and are happy to announce that Plexus is compatible with most of the modern major brands of soil moisture profile probes! Got Sentek Drill ‘n Drops and want to see the data on Green Brain? Plexus can do that. Do you have Aquacheck probes and need a network to get your data to the cloud? Plexus can do that. Are you monitoring a horizontal soil moisture profile with Aquaflex sensors? Stick them into Plexus to get your data.

MEA recently completed a one-year test of Sentek’s Drill ‘n Drop probe in a local community garden. Plexus transferred the data without a hitch.

Plexus will communicate with probes that use the SDI-12 protocol. As a general rule, if you need to unscrew anything in your soil moisture probe, or you can access any of the electronics, then its old-school stuff that won’t talk to Plexus. If you have a fully encapsulated probe, buried in the ground, it’ll most likely be compatible. Contact us if you would like to confirm.

Plexus using Senteks's Drill 'n Drop Probe

Plexus under test using Sentek’s Drill ‘n Drop probe at the Linde Community Gardens in Adelaide.


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