Plexus meets the Solanaceae family


Here in Australia, we can grow just about every crop known to both horticulture and viticulture. MEA has at last met the Solanaceae family.

Yes, the whole family are vegetables, but doing pretty well, thanks all the same.

The Solanaceae family includes tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, eggplants and potatoes, with some of the more disreputable family members being the ‘deadly nightshades’.

Tomatoes are grown in bulk in open-fields, with the vines raised between cordon wires on trellises rather than tied to stakes, as in the typical home garden.

Our Plexus-Solanaceae launch site is situated in the high granite-belt country of Queensland around Stanthorpe.

To be found on four separate farms, each Plexus GBT field station monitors two soil moisture tension points and soil temperature in the root zone, plus air temperature at the top of the canopy.

What a family!

Plexus in tomatoes in Queensland
Plexus in tomatoes near Lyra, Queensland


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