Plexus GBT


Back a decade ago, when we came up with low cost soil moisture loggers called GBugs, we came under some pressure from certain sections of the market that explained to us very patiently that they needed soil temperature data along with all that soil moisture data. So we created the GTBug; it has three gypsum block channels and a soil temperature sensor for those horticulturalists interested in germination, fruit set and such things barely understood by those of us building the measurement technology.

So we might have been puzzled, but we never did forget the lessons learnt from that time. So Plexus-GB, with its four gypsum blocks sensors, has evolved to become Plexus-GBT, with an even sexier brief; it can measure either soil moisture OR soil temperature on any of its four channels. Need temperature profiles? Now the one Plexus field station does it all. It goes on show at the 2014 Irrigation Conference & Exhibition on the Gold Coast in Queensland in early June 2014.

Plexus GT Temperature Graph


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