Out and About August 2015

One can have the best product in the world, but if no-one knows about it, they certainly won’t beat a path to your door, and the technology will inevitably fail in the marketplace.

Therefore MEA’s marketing team needs to be of the same caliber as its engineering and production teams.

So in June 2015, we added Dominic Skinner to MEA’s sales and marketing team to take to the road and spread the Plexus message among farmers, agents and resellers.

You may have seen him sharing the stand at this year’s Wine Technology Expo at the Adelaide Showgrounds with Justin or Sonja, or en-route the following week through northern Victoria and the fertile plains of the Murrumbidgee catchment to Griffith in NSW. While vineyards have always been common in this area, the region is expanding further into cotton and other broadacre crops thanks to higher water allocations, a falling Aussie dollar and strong global demand.

Meanwhile, Justin has had his hands full traversing Queensland, exhibiting at AusVeg on the Gold Coast, visiting growers at the pointy top end of the state, attending the strawberry field day in Wamuran, and speaking with growers of custard apples, passionfruit, avocadoes and stonefruit, to name just a few.

Not for him the rookie mistakes Dom was experimenting with further south… like leaving car lights on while taking a phone call on the side of a road halfway between Griffith and Leeton. Thankfully, the 6th car that stopped had jumper leads, and the flat battery became nothing more than a ‘learning experience’ to be toasted at the end of a long first week on the road.

If you know of the two cheerful Fijian guys who stopped to jump-start Dom’s car, we think they deserve a bottle of wine!

WineTech 2015
Dominic at the MEA stand at Winetch in Adelaide


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