On Air


So I was sitting there at my desk feeling miserable and wondering whether the flu or the 57th Riverland Field Days would roll over me first, when Debbie came around to say that a nice lady from the Riverland Radio would like to interview me.

Well, that’s nice, isn’t it?  Somebody actually ringing up to talk to the old fella? So I croaked to Debbie that I’d give it a shot and to line it all up for me.

Upstairs Brett had been copping the same pressure from a magazine about Tree Fruits and needed an editorial written about our Plexus product launch ASAP – I’d been helping him with that too.

So when ‘Lockie’ bounces onto my phone to do the radio thing I’m all pumped up from the print press thing and out rolls the story (here).

Only one obscenity – sorry about that! – then I head off to the Field Days with my croak hanging by a thread and no idea how that all worked out.

That is, until one of the locals rolls onto the MEA stand with a secret smile on his face to say he’d heard me on the radio and where’s all this gear I’d been banging on about?

I hope I didn’t give him the flu too…

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