More Solar PV Farm Monitoring

Three decades ago, when MEA was founded, the possibility of generating grid-connected energy using photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels seemed as remote as the moon; they were just too expensive.

Now such technology has become main stream, and solar PV farms covering vast acreages are beginning to bloom across the Australian landscape since the Federal Government has at last reached bipartisan agreement on the Renewable Energy Targets for Australia.

Quiet and off the skyline, solar PV farms promise to generate clean energy for decades to come.

MEA’s expertise has grown with the industry, and we have been called upon to build ever-more complex monitoring systems to quantify the energy input into these solar farms.

Recent MEA solar systems built for Queensland – the ‘Sunshine State’ – have seen us applying world-class solar radiation sensors plus specialized solar sensors spectrally matched to the PV panels themselves.

So whether your dreams include solar PV farms or solar thermal farms, MEA can put together the world-class measurement systems to track the solar energy inputs. 


Solar monitoring system in Queensland
Solar monitoring system in Queensland


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