Mitchell Agronomy's new face


MEA’s best agents are self-made individuals.

They master all the details of our gear, stay closely in touch with us, feed market information back to us, look after their customers as though they truly worked for MEA and run long-term businesses supporting local growers in their surrounding communities.

One such MEA hero is Jeff Mitchell, operating Mitchell Agronomy from his home farm near Red Cliffs in Victoria. There he grows wine grapes and walnuts when not out consulting or conducting soil surveys.

Jeff’s business - established in 1999 - used to be called ‘Vine Science’; he was kept busy servicing the wine grape growers back in the boom years.

These days Jeff – who has a Bachelor of Science degree from Monash University – works with a much broader range of agricultural enterprises.

Jeff earned his crust for sixteen years as an Analytical Chemist and Microbiologist, working initially in the field of food analysis and then for twelve years in the wine industry.  This was followed by a decade working closely with Vineyard Management at the Lindemans Karadoc Winery, applying his analytical expertise as the Senior Chemist at Karadoc to areas such as vine nutrition and soil analysis. 

This work resulted in Southcorp Wines providing support for a four-year project on the use of sap analysis in viticulture.

Jeff became an MEA agent about a decade ago, and has been so successful at this of late that he has purchased a magnificent work vehicle that is the envy of all those penurious engineers back at MEA who just design the gear.

Read more about Jeff on his new website at Mitchell Agronomy

Jeff Mitchell installing a Plexus tall mast
Jeff Mitchell hard at work installing a Plexus tall mast in Almonds.



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