Living Walls for a Greener City

A gimmick or true green genius?

Our congratulations go to Graeme Hopkins of Fifth Creek Studio for his recently recognised novel work on green roofs and living walls. 

MEA worked with Graeme to design a comprehensive monitoring system for his living wall project.

A living wall is simply, a wall made of plants! Pretty cool (actually it is - literally)!

Living wall prototypes were set up in the Adelaide CBD. Top quality Hukseflux pyranometers, as well as a bank of temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors were deployed to form an elaborate network of measurement points for comparison of the living wall to a normally exposed wall.

Living Wall

Sure plants growing up a buiding look good but do they actually make any difference? Apparently they do! Amongst other things Graeme’s research revealed:

  • A staggering 8oC reduction on the temperature of a building’s exterior,
  • A 35% reduction in the heat coming through the fascade into the building, and
  • An 11% reduction in CO2 under a living wall system.

Now that is something to think about!

These and other key findings have been presented at various international conferences.

More details of the project can be found here.


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