GWRDC Growers' Field Day: Practical Viticulture

11th November – GWRCD Growers' Field Day: Practical Viticulture

Wow Guys - This one is FREE!!! Get on down to the one of the nicest places on the planet and pick up some great information to give you a step up in the tough game of successfully growing grapes!

To round off a very busy year Tanya and Sonja will finally reunite for a road trip and 'Corolla' in for the event! The lure of sea, vines, sun and happy grape growers was just too great to resist.

Whether you're an old MEA friend or a potential new one, come and say hello, steal a hug from Tanya and find out all about our steadfast soil moisture monitoring products and the new ones in the pipeline. (Please note, donations of fermented grapes in liquid form are always greatly appreciated and will earn you extra hugs!!!)

Oh and don't forget to ask about our NEW Junior Weather Station.

Speaking of weather stations.... Check out the local McLaren Vale weather station network before you head over.


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