Green Avocados (and Brains!)


We have 48 MEA moisture probes (Plexus) over five avocado farms in the Bundaberg & Childers area. We honestly don’t know how we could accurately irrigate without them. We can accurately monitor how far water goes down through the soil profile with each irrigation or rainfall event and adjust our irrigation schedule accordingly. We can see if we have underdone or overdone the water or if we are not keeping up. With the graphed information we can estimate in advance of when we will need to irrigate again, given the current water use and weather forecast. As it can take 48 hours or more to complete an irrigation program on some farms, we can juggle the orchard block priority to suit given the information from GreenBrain. The ability to include notes, rainfall and irrigation records on GreenBrain is a convenient historical tool also. If there is any doubt about the graph on GreenBrain we can double check in the paddock with a ‘Dig-stick’, and so far the graph and dig-stick have always correlated.

Tom Redfern
Donovan Family Investments

Tom Redfern
Tom Redfern amongst the avocados


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