GDots are Now Even Better

We started manufacturing GDots in 2008 and since then, we’ve sold thousands. They have always been excellent value for growers who want soil moisture information but don't want a tech-heavy solution (or a wallet-heavy price).

After watching them plug away for 6 years and from listening to your ideas, we’ve decided to make the GDot even better.

We've made some small changes to improve the sensitivity. These subtle changes allow better decisions to be made using the GDot and even more reliably tells you "when to water" particularly in more easily stressed crops such as vegetables.

 At the same time, we beefed up the battery clips. Some people were reporting that when their new GDot arrived it was not powered. It seems rough transport would cause the batteries to move and spread the clips a bit. Taking the top off the GDot and squeezing the clips in was a quick and easy solution, but this is something we didn't think you should have to do. So we took care of that too.

We didn't bother re-branding or re-packaging the GDot or any of that fluff, because it's really the same great product it's always been, it's just that now it's a bit...greater and we didn't change the price either.

GDot soil moisture display


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