GDot Recall


Reliability in soil moisture monitoring products is fundamental to creating certainty in the information they deliver.

So when we found out that a recent batch of GDots had been manufactured with a slightly higher risk of water ingress, our only reasonable option was to set this right. In the last months, affected customers will have received a letter from MEA advising them that their GDot has been voluntarily recalled, and that we would be repairing the weakness and replacing any affected units that had already experienced water damage free of charge.

The issue only manifests in some GDots but we are checking all units sold between 21st May 2014 and June 2015 that have PR7/1200/1401 on the back label.

Luckily, we caught wind of this issue early, and most of this batch has already been fixed. But, if you have received a letter from us, and haven’t yet sent us your GDot display, feel free to leave the sensor in the ground, cover the connector to keep it dry, and send the display back to us. We will have it tested, patched and packed on its way back to you in no time.

That way, you can rely on the information it provides.

GDot PR7 Recall
The label that identifies a GDot eligible for recall.


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