Full Stop to FullStops

As MEA enters its fourth decade, we have been sorting out which sensors we will stock and which ones no longer serve our irrigated agricultural markets.

The rise and rise of an ‘always-on’ world means that farmers – like most other industries – are demanding up-to-date data wherever they may be. The utility of manually-read soil moisture sensors has fallen away in these faster times and so, after a decade of stocking the CSIRO ‘Fullstop’ wetting-front detector, we are saying goodbye to this old standby.

We liked these low-cost buriable funnel-shaped sensors for their ability to physically capture a small sample of the salts and fertilizers that moved down through the soil profile.

Sadly, Australian farmers no longer have time for such thoughtful yet time-consuming activities, and so MEA no longer stocks this non-loggable product.

It's goodbye to the FullStop


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