Farm Innovation Technology Expo - Deniliquin

30th and 31st March 2012 – Farm Innovation Technology Expo


You've missed an absolutely fantastic event!!! Well done MurrayNow!

If you were off harvesting rice and missed us but want to know anything about soil moisture monitoring or climate monitoring, there is plenty of useful information on our website:

Soil moisture sensors-

Weather stations -

FITE is a two day outdoor event showcasing innovation and new technology for production agriculture. Irrigation efficiency is where MEA steps into the arena to stand out on its own. With numerous soil moisture monitoring sensors and weather stations on offer we have you covered. 

We're all about taking out the guesswork. Stop relying on your green thumb instincts and upgrade to a green brain and reap the benefits of the certainty in your decision making that comes with it!

So, there may not be a Ute muster but if you are serious about improving your irrigation practices - saving water, inputs and fuel - head to Denny, drop on by the MEA stand and have a chat to Sonja - don't forget to grab a freebie whilst you're there.

We'll be really easy to find - neatly situated between RaboBank and Murray Irrigation Ltd.


27 March 2012

Looking forward to it!

- Amy