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Our website www.greenbrain.net.au holds all the data collected by Plexus systems. Originally this was just soil moisture data but as we add more sensors to the portfolio, Green Brain also displays rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, with more to come.

We promised long ago that our weather stations would also deliver their data to Green Brain and we’re pretty pleased to say that has now been done and is available today. But because some climate data, like wind roses, and some calculations, like chill hours, shouldn’t be presented in the same way that soil moisture data is, we are now upgrading the way that Green Brain presents all data. We hope that this will be ready by the end of the year.

We can also design a website just for your organisation, showing weather station data in whatever manner best suits your operation. There are simple displays http://karragullen.mea.com.au/ or more complicated ones http://www.lmwweatherstations.vic.gov.au/.

So you now have a choice; incorporate a weather station on your Green Brain account and wait for the end of the year for mobile data presentation to be optimised. That option doesn’t cost you anything, but you'll only get line graphs of wind direction on Green Brain for a few more months! Or design your own website for weather stations in conjunction with MEA and have just what you need. This option won’t be free and its pricing depends on the complexity of the site.

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