Edinburgh Gardens


Back in 1862 Queen Victoria granted 24 hectares of parkland in the inner north of Melbourne to the people.

Edinburgh Gardens was home to the Fitzroy Football Club from 1883. The Fitzroy Railway Station was located within the park where it was transected by the Inner Circle Railway.

But - most importantly – the gardens are lined with beautiful Elm trees that were planted many decades ago.

Maintaining soil moisture beneath these old trees has been an ongoing challenge for the local council. The council’s arborists recently requested and received a new soil moisture monitoring system with automated rainfall monitoring to go along with their fancy new irrigation system.

Enter Plexus – where below ground EnviroPro sensors now bounce their data through the treetops and help the local arborists bring these grand old trees through each tough summer.

So if you’re ever basking in the afternoon sun or jogging through the tree-lined avenues of the Edinburgh Gardens, give a thought to the soil moisture level being radioed above your head to the Green Brain web application where the data is being used to manage the long-term health of the trees so that they can be enjoyed for another century by the residents and visitors to Melbourne’s inner north. What’s more, with information about soil moisture at their fingertips, the local council can schedule their watering to keep the grass healthier while watering the old Elm trees. The gardens won’t need to become a dustbowl every summer!

Plexus in Edinburgh Gardens
Can you spot Plexus?


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