Dowerin Field Days 2012

29 to 30th August – Dowerin Field Days

Dowerin 2011 was massive for MEA! Our weather station was hugely popular and more than 100 of you stopped by to take a look and ask questions.

So in 2012, not only are we coming back but we're bring reinforcements. Both Tanya and Sonja will make the trip over! Come and see one of the new DAFWA weather stations and find the one nearest to you - with over 40 rolled out WA-wide there is sure to be one closeby.

We'll also have our new Plexus wireless radio soil moisture monitoring system to show off and a really big red heeler!

So drop into the Technology and Innovation tent stands 3 & 4 and say hello to the lovely MEA girls and see some really great boys toys!!! No Thermomixes in here!!!


13 August 2012

I had one of these stations put on my farm in june. I want to know how to log on to it. Cheers

- Coln Bryant

13 August 2012

Hi Coln, You can look at the free weather data online on the linked DAFWA page below: Enjoy! The MEA team.


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