Climate monitoring across the nullarbor plains


The famous Indian-Pacific Railway has spanned Australia between Sydney and Perth for forty-five years. It is one of the world’s great train journeys. In recent times, cellular phone reception has been made possible along the desert stretches of this 4352 kilometre rail line, between Port Augusta in South Australia and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

With the opening-up of this Next-G communications corridor across the Nullarbor Plains came the possibility of standard weather stations being installed to continuously report climate conditions to operators and rail authorities.

More specifically, MEA weather stations at Cook, Barton, Rawlinna and Zanthus deliver up-to-date climate data on rainfall, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and dewpoint, important feeds to the emergency warning network to predict track washouts or derailments conditions.

Four such MEA stations have been operating since late 2014.

Weather Station at Barton
ARTC's weather station at Barton.


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