September 2016

The GDot: Still Simple, Cheap and Effective.

The GDot changed the soil moisture monitoring market. It was cheap, simple, visual and easy to use. And now it's more popular than ever. 

GDot in Veggies

What soil moisture sensor is right for you?

The choice of soil moisture monitoring sensors compatible with Plexus is still growing. That gives you more chances of getting the right sensor for you and your crop.

Acclima Soil Moisture Sensor - Installing and re-installing soil moisture sensors has never been so easy!

Every where you go, take your weather with you... On Green Brain

View your weather station data on Green Brain, so you can take your weather with you. Wherever you go. 

Junior weather station - View your data on Green Brain!

Want Frost Alerts? Get Frost Alerts!

Stay tucked up in bed on cold mornings - Plexus and Green Brain can now alert you of a frost event, so you don't need to head out unneccessarily.

A cold, frosty vineyard...

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity: On Plexus!

Open up a world of possibilities with a humble air temperature and relative humidity sensor. 

The latest addition to Plexus - Air temperature and relative humidity