August 2015

'Plug-and-Play' Plexus

Sometimes extraordinary effort is required to make apparently small incremental changes to a product, such as MEA’s Plexus.

Jeff's Truck

Rainfall - anytime, anywhere

Green Brain can now give you rainfall records anywhere, anytime!


Weather Stations in the Snow

MEA weather stations stretch across the breadth of Australia. Now they've made it into the mountains too.

Snow Height Sensor

Out and About August 2015

In this edition we go to Winetech, Griffith, AusVeg and the Strawberry Field Days - just to name a few! We also introduce Dominic, our newest addition to the Marketing team.

WineTech 2015

Green Avocados (and Brains!)

Tom Redfern shares his experience of using Green Brain to help manage irrigation on his avocado farms.

Tom Redfern

More Solar PV Farm Monitoring

Whether you dream of solar PV farms or solar-thermal farms, you need a world-class measurment system to track the solar energy inputs.

Solar monitoring system in Queensland

Full Stop to FullStops

Hard-working farmers have less time to manually read soil moisture devices, so we have been sorting out which sensors we stock and which ones no longer serve our markets.