April 2015

The MEA Museum

No matter how modern MEA technology becomes, understanding its essence allows a design engineer like me to wield it in new ways, to the benefit of those folk still out in the bush and needing measurements.

The Skinner Museum

Out and about May 2015

From spuds to grapes then home again. MEA staff take to the field to talk to farmers on the land or in their local regions.

Out and about May 2015

Stumpy and Springy - a Plexus Mount for Veggie Crops

Ground-hugging crops like strawberries and vegetables demand something different from their Plexus mounts; some method of getting that pesky field station out of the way of overhead machinery.

A Plexus mount for veggie crops

'Premium' Weather Stations

In the modern world, every darn thing gets tagged with superlatives, no matter how mediocre its genesis. So is a ‘premium’ MEA weather station really anything out of the ordinary?

MEA Premium Weather Station

Evap Pans - the good old way

Old ways sometimes die hard. Is the MEA automated evap pan the best way to measure evapotranspiration?

MEA Automated Evaporation Pan

Fun Below the Waves

Measurement engineers get to poke about in everyone else’s branch of science, and so wind up knowing a little about a lot.

A buoy supporting an MEA Thermistor String

Mitchell Agronomy's new face

MEA's best agents are self-made individuals.

Jeff Mitchell installing a Plexus tall mast

Frost in Grain Crops and the MEA 'why'

The nearest I can get to farmers is to be the bloke who builds their measurement tools.

Frost in grain crops