February 2015

Speedier Green Braining

Green Brain now thinks almost as fast as you do.

Faster Green Brain

Plexus meets the Solanaceae family

Plexus gets down among the rows with the 'pasta sauce' vegetable family.

Plexus in tomatoes in Queensland

'Firesticks' and forest fuel

The recent fires across southern Australia were a brutal reminder of the danger posed by bushfires. How are those charged with managing our bushlands monitoring the risk?

Firestick Weather Station in Victoria

Somebody else's weather

In a changing climate hard-won experience needs to be assisted by the latest monitoring tools.

Somebody else's weather?

Bang! - one dead Plexus...

What happens when you apply several hundred million volts to a Plexus Field Station?

Lightining-damaged Plexus Field Station

The Royalla Solar Farm

The Royalla Solar Farm is a patch of sunshine for renewable energy.

Solar monitoring station

Climate monitoring across the nullarbor plains

Take a journey on the Indian-Pacific as we look at ARTC's new weather station network.

Weather Station at Barton

Running on the smell of an oily electron

What stimulates a pint-sized engineer's interest in elegant solutions that do much with little?

John Skinner at his workshop door

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