August 2014

Almond Orchards (Plexus Field Trials on a Heroic Scale)

Without the harsh light of reality, engineers trying to develop products for farmers can never get it right; something unexpected always jumps up and bites unproven gear in the bum under field conditions.

Plexus Tall Crop Mounting Solution

The Calibrated Milk Truck

How do farmers really use MEA gear?

This humbling tale from the bush taught us that we actually haven't go a clue...

Dotty Churn

Racecourse Manager's Conference

ThetaKits are a sure thing for racourse managers. Drop into Caulfield Racecourse to see what MEA has to offer to those who manage the track.


Green Brain Demo Site

Green Brain is the web application that our Plexus customers use to view soil moisture and temperature data. Viewable on any internet-connected computer and a wide range of smart devices, Green Brain is feature-packed while being simple to use. Read the story to find out how to access our demo site.

MEA's Green Brain

Seeking Solys at the Crossroads

The first step for any resource extraction is prospecting. If you hope to make energy from the sun, it's best to start by quantifying the available resource - in effect, solar prospecting. If you want your prospecting to be as accurate and reliable as possible, you need a world-class tracker fitted with 'you beaut' instrumentation. Read on to find out how we helped one of our clients become solar prospectors.

Solys 2 Tracker at Pt Augusta