May 2014

MEA keeps growing!

On the 20th May, we welcomed Debbie into the MEA family.

Plexus GBT

Plexus now measures temperature!

First four months on the job

The MEA QLD Office has been operational since January 2014. It's been fast paced since Day 1, I have travelled the country side, visiting growers and distributors and passing by many likely looking fishing spots from Griffith to Walkamin and many places in between.

Oxford Landing

How do you test something as big as a radio network?

The short answer is that you find a ‘test bunny’ – a company with a ‘can-do’ approach to trying out new things and able to live with all the inconvenience and uncertainty of having engineers fiddling about all over their property.

Toodle-oo Tanya

For fourteen years and a few lucky extra months, MEA has been blessed with the loving presence of Tanya Liddell, the girl from Cummins in the middle of the wheat belt on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. We loved her, she loved us, but best of all, our customers loved her too, because she was really great at making all those folk outside MEA feel loved as well.

MEA Turns 30!

It’s now thirty years since MEA was founded in 1984.

Instead of a mature business on our hands, Joe and I find ourselves with a ‘start-up’ instead.

How did this happen?

2014 FGT Annual May Conference

22nd to 25th May 2014 – FGT Annual May Conference - Launceston

The fabulous FGT conference is on the MEA hitlist again.

2014 Irrigation Australia National Conference and Exhibition

2nd to 6th June 2014 – Irrigation Australia National Conference and Exhibition - Gold Coast

Any one who is anyone will be there. Drop in and say hello!