December 2014

Lord Howe Island

The wind energy monitoring business might have died on the Australian mainland, but it’s alive and well on one of Australia’s offshore islands.

Lord Howe Island

Just Shake and Use!

What do the polders of Bangladesh, the shrimp farms of Vietnam, the rice paddies of the Philippines and the village wells of Indonesia all have in common with Australian irrigators?

Salt Sticks


Aussie farmers do it tough, but some farmers do it even tougher. What happens when you have to boil a design down to its bare bones to fit an African budget?


Hot Cows

Feedlot managers need to manage heat stress in their cattle. It's no good for the animals, and it's no good for the feedlot. Read on to find out more about our solution.

Feedlot Weather Station at Gunnee in New South Wales

Don't Frighten the Horses

Our Plexus radio units are designed to be highly visible. In most situations this is an asset, but not around easily-startled horses. So the Melbourne Racing Club decreed that if a Plexus network was to be installed at Caulfield Racecourse, it had better be discreet.

Plexus Field Station at Caulfield Racecourse