Air Temperature and Relative Humidity: On Plexus!


Sometimes the most common sensor can unlock huge potential for delivering information to help Australian farmers produce more efficiently. We think that the humble air temperature sensor is just one of those things, which is why our latest addition to the Plexus system is an air temperature and relative humidity module.

Measuring temperature on its own is not too much use – you can tell by walking outside whether it’s hot or cold. But being able to integrate air temperature and relative humidity with a range of other parameters, opens up a world of possibilities.

Think improvements in spray timing and droplet size, by knowing the Delta-T of the block you are about to spray. Set up frost alerts and see that your frost protection systems are having the desired effect. Get information on exactly when your crop starts experiencing heat stress. 

Coupled with information on the amount and intensity of rainfall on your property, air temperature and relative humidity can be used to assess the level of disease risk. 

Knowing information on the current air temperature and relative humidity can even be used in assessing the local fire danger rating. 

So chat to your local MEA distributor about the new Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor, and the benefits of integrating this into a whole-farm monitoring system.

Air temp and relative humidity sensor


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