A Very Corny Plexus Story


If grapevines and olive plantations share common dangers for Plexus radio systems operating within row crops, farmers under centre pivots face a different dilemma; how to get radio signals out from under the pivot arm?

One corn grower solved this problem in an ingenious way; he built a mini-mast onto the back of an old trailer and mounted the Plexus Hub on that.

This mobile Plexus base station gets parked outside the pivot circle but with enough height to look down upon those Plexus soil moisture field stations hunkering down at the level of the corn cobs and below the boom.

This maintains the necessary ‘through air’ radio path across the top of the corn, while allowing the energy-hungry Hub (with its larger solar panel) to push data up to the internet with its more muscly 4G radio.

When that crop is harvested and a new pivot established elsewhere in a three-step rotation, Plexus gets towed along.

Plexus under Centre Pivot


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